“Rastyle.. Coming in a Double Attack.. Here come comes the Shark attack”.


Polite is culturally defined and simply means that what may be refered to as polite in one setting could be potrayed as rude in another. Well talking about polite kinda brings dj marshall to thought. His is a very polite and reserved demeanor that would actually leave you in awe when you see his different side on the decks. Simply put, Dj Marshall is Mean and rude to the Decks

Born Eric Ogola some years ago, Dj Marshall, is the Newest addition to the Rastyle Family having joined towards the end of 2015. A Protégé of our former Head Deejay, Roots Radix, who trained him from scratch, he has taken a path not followed by many in order to beat down his own path and style. Hearing him play Reggae Music Like he does would leave you wondering where the experience comes from. He professed his love for reggae music very early in life and the constant thumping of the Nyah bingi drums in the music he listens to may be a pointer to his unique style of playing.

Through Rastyle entertainment, Kenya’s Premier Reggae sound system, deejay Marshall plays 6 days a week in various clubs in Kenya with sell-out shows in every session. He has equally brushed shoulders with international reggae artists like Natty King, Chronixx, Gappy Ranks, and more by way of Rastyle entertainment being part of major reggae concerts in Kenya.

Listen to him play at our shows then you will understand why being polite and his mean playing style are actually as different and unique as Day and Night and is why he is also known as the shark attack boy.

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