Green & Black Celebration tonight

THE fourth annual staging of Green & Black Celebration is slated for the Karu Nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, tonight.

The event, hosted by Sons of RABALAC, is focused on the development of Calabar High School in Kingston. All proceeds with be turned over to the institution.

“Our aim is to develop and train leaders for the future. We can attain this through togetherness and our motto: ‘The Utmost for the Highest’. We believe everyone’s involvement is necessary. We are nothing without the people within the diaspora. They’re the reason why Green & Black has been able to come to this point,” said Ralston Phillips, spokesperson for Sons of RABALAC.

This year’s entertainment will be provided by 99Jamz’s Waggy Tee, Supa Sound, Firm Music, and Jazzy T from Renaissance Sound.

‘Green & Black’ will feature entertainers representing various schools from Jamaica such as St George’s College, Ocho Rios HS, and Jamaica College.

Jay de la Cruz, owner of Karu Nightclub, said he would be contributing to the cause.

“As a business owner that’s deeply affiliated with the Caribbean community, it made sense to support a cause that goes directly back to Jamaica. I’ve seen Sons of RABALAC come year after year and put together an amazing event for the youth at Calabar Hhgh School and we want to give back too,” he said.

Source: JA Observer


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