Lymie Murray starts movement

Singer Lymie Murray shows his humanitarian side with a project he dubs ‘The Murray Movement’, projected to assist parents and caregivers of persons with debilitating illnesses.

He is also planning to use other songs to support “worthy causes”.

“Wi putting the new album together, A Thousand Miles is the working title of what will be my eighth album. The Murray Movement is the journey of the Murray Groundation, which will evolve into a foundation,” he said. “So, we started from the ground, which will evolve over time into a children’s organisation and it will be children-oriented. That is my passion at this time and the vision I have is to support caregivers, the whole aspect of parenting and consistent workshop as it relates to parenting,” Murray added.

Two other songs are expected to be part of major campaigns: The Better Side Of Me for Child Month 2017 and Harvest Moon, which supports the advancement of medical marijuana.

“It is one of the most fitting songs for marijuana at this time,” said Murray, who is scheduled to perform at the World Creole Festival in Dominica in October.

Born Paul Murray, he started his career as lead singer of the Skool Band. Everytime I Touch You, Blessed and Let’s Stay Together are some of his popular songs.

— Basil Walters

Source: JA Observer


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