This Is How Reggae in Kenya Is Getting Enhanced, Thanks To Rastyle Entertainment

This Is How Reggae in Kenya Is Getting Enhanced, Thanks To Rastyle Entertainment


Reggae and Rastafarianism has greatly advanced in Kenya and Africa over the past few years. Actually, Kenya acts as the focal gate to Rastas from other continents visiting Africa. With Natty King and Chronixx being good examples of Rastas who visited Africa through Kenya, there is vast enhancement in Kenya’s reggae industry to talk about.

Basically, Kenya boasts of leading reggae bands and groups like Rastyle Entertainment, which work both locally and internationally. Rastyle Entertainment for instance, is a first-class reggae conglomerate that is mostly respected for its top-class stream of DJs and MCs. The company’s CEO, Muzikal Sheriff, works hand in hand with numerous Kenyan reggae legends in making Reggae a more acceptable& better facet of the country.


A larger percent of youth in the country, especially those living in shanty towns, have now turned to reggae music as a medium of restraining their twinge of life. They find reggae a better way to free up their minds and most of them feel motivated whenever they listen to reggae music. The good thing is that there is always a place to listen reggae from, and at any time.

Rastyle Entertainment recently launched a new fully e-commerce website (, that not only Sells universal Rasta and Rastyle merchandise, but also has crowd-funding capabilities under Rastyle Foundation, designed to pull its fans and general public together to Fundraise for its Charity projects. All bookings for the deejays and the Deejay Academy are done and paid online via the website which is a first in Kenya among its peers.


A very imperative aspect is the Rastyle Radio, which is designed in a way that it plays preeminent reggae hits on 24/7 basis. From roots to ol’skul ragga, has a paramount database of music, professionally selected to suits the needs of any reggae fan. The website, basically a one stop shop for all Rastyle info, news and reviews from around the reggae world, has been really thought through with the modern and tech savvy reggae fans in mind. This is the first ever website of that kind in Kenya, so it marks a great stride in Rastyle’s growth plans.

The company works with a number of radio stations and local/international entertainment centers to avail reggae parties at the doors of reggae fans. Not only has the company hosted Reggae parties in numerous counties of Kenya, it has also hosted reggae parties in countries like Dubai. Rastyle is proudly planning to host concerts in other countries too.

The good thing with reggae music among the youth is that it teaches them their roots and culture, and advises them on how to live a placid way of life. Reggae legends like the late Lucky Dube, the late Mighty Culture, Burning Spear, Richie Spice, the late Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and many others convey unsurpassed didactic messages to youth through reggae music.


Peace, love, unity and exclusion of racial discrimination are the main messages preached by reggae singers. According to recent researches, there has been a diminution in the level of racial discrimination in the country. In the “Chronixx to Kenya Party” recently hosted by Good Times Africa, with Rastyle Entertainment being among the key features and other groups, there was a substantial turnout of both the white and black Rastas. Peace and love among Africans was the main aspect preached by Chronixx during that concert.

In Support of local talent, Rastyle is also getting into music production to help shape the quality of reggae music coming out of the Kenyan reggae industry. They are currently on a project with Gravitti Reggae Band, producing a world class reggae riddim called the Dreadlocked Gyal riddim, featuring some of the best reggae artists in Kenya and abroad.


Rastyle Entertainment and the coordinating corporations are therefore, worth your support in the quest to making Kenya, Africa and the world a better place for Rastafari. Visit to get the latest update about reggae &Rastafari parties; enjoy listening to awesome reggae music, read through the company’s blog posts to get a clear view of what Reggae &Rastafari is all about and also get to know how you can support the company.


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