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Kabaka Pyramid Makes History with “The Kalling” Winning Best Reggae Album at 65th Grammy Awards.

Kabaka Pyramid

Kabaka Pyramid made history at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards by winning the award for Best Reggae Album for his latest release, “The Kalling”. The win goes a long way to solidify his place as one of the leading voices in contemporary reggae music.


“The Kalling”, Kabaka’s highly anticipated album features 15 tracks that showcase Kabaka’s growth as an artist as He seamlessly blends elements of roots reggae, hip-hop, and Rastafarian teachings. This has created a unique sound that reflects Kabaka’s conscious lyrics and positive messages. Furthermore, The album’s themes of love, unity, and self-discovery have resonated with audiences around the world and earned it widespread critical acclaim.

Fans and fellow artists took to social media to express their excitement and congratulations for Kabaka’s historic win. Many praised his innovative approach to reggae and his continued commitment to spreading positive messages through his music. Some of the reactions on social media included:

  • “Kabaka Pyramid just made history by winning his second Best Reggae Album Grammy! The future of reggae music is in good hands”
  • “Kabaka’s music is a reminder of the power of positive messages and conscious living. Congrats on another well-deserved win”
  • “The Kalling is an album that speaks to the soul. Congrats to Kabaka Pyramid on his Grammy win and for continuing to push the boundaries of reggae music”


During his acceptance speech, Kabaka used the opportunity to thank family, friends, and fans for their support. He also thanked Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley who produced the tracks, made beats, and even programmed drums himself. Equally important, Kabaka has always encouraged other artists to use conscious lyrics and the platform to bring about positive change. Music is a powerful tool for spreading love and unity and must be used to make the world better.

This Grammy win serves as a significant moment in Kabaka’s career and a testament to his talent and hard work. It also represents a triumph for the reggae revival movement which has been pushing for more of this conscious genre. The reggae revival features artists like chronixx, protoge, jah9, Jesse Royal, Iba Mahr among others.

Jamaican Reggae had faced imminent threats due to the actions of its own countrymen, in both academia and industry itself. In Addition, with the massive onslaught of Dancehall, Jamaican producers and artists seemed to have been shifting away from Reggae.

Kabaka Pyramid’s win for Best Reggae Album for “The Kalling” at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards is a major achievement for the artist and the reggae genre as a whole. It is proof that contemporary reggae artists are capable of producing music that is not only culturally significant but also deserving of recognition on a global scale. Kabaka’s music continues to inspire and uplift, and his Grammy win is a testament to his impact on the reggae community and beyond.