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Rastyle At 13: All Set for Major Anniversary Party!


Rastyle at 13, Officially!

Rastyle Republik, the premier reggae entertainment organization in Kenya, is excited to announce its relaunch of the new look website, Rastyle radio station, and most importantly, the new Rastyle radio app. This move comes as the organization prepares to celebrate its 13th anniversary on May 13th at Anzana Gardens, opposite Two Rivers Mall, on the Northern Bypass in Nairobi.

The new website, which is already live, has a fresh and vibrant look that captures the essence of Rastyle Republik. The website features all the latest news, events, and shows by the organization, making it the go-to platform for all reggae fans in Kenya and beyond.

The relaunch of Rastyle Radio station promises to be even more exciting, with new shows and segments added to the line-up. The station’s slogan, “Feel the Vibe,” captures the essence of reggae music and besides the Rastyle Republik experience, Its promises to transport listeners to a world of good vibes and positivity.

How to tune in to Rastyle’s Radio:

  1. Download Rastyle Radio App On Google Playstore for Android Users
  2. Login to the Rastyle Republik Website or
  3. Go directly to the Radio Page Here
  4. Tune in Via the Global TuneIn App or Website Here
  5. Tune is Via the Rastyle’s Mini-Site on Zeno Fm Page Here
  6. Go to Google and Just Search for Rastyle Radio

Its That Simple!

Moreover, the new Rastyle Radio app, which is set to launch soon, promises to revolutionize how fans listen to reggae music. Equally important, The app will be available on both Android and iOS platforms and will offer fans access to live shows, podcasts, and mixtapes.

At Rastyle Republik, we believe in always giving good times, and our commitment to this is captured in our slogan, “Lazma Ibambe.” This Swahili phrase means that we at Rastyle must always strive to be at our best, providing our fans with the best reggae music experience.

The Rastyle At 13 anniversary party promises to be a grand celebration, with live performances from some of the best reggae acts in Kenya. The event will be a perfect opportunity for fans to experience the Rastyle Republik vibe and furthermore witness firsthand the relaunch of the new website, radio station, and app.

In conclusion, Rastyle Republik is all set to take the reggae entertainment scene in Kenya to new heights, with the relaunch of its new website, radio station, and app. With our commitment to giving good times, we invite all reggae fans to join us at the Rastyle At 13 anniversary concert at Anzana Gardens on Saturday, May 13th, and to feel the vibe that is Rastyle.