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One Rasta Festival – Bring Your Own Bottle

One Rasta Festival

One Rasta Festival is a dynamic and vibrant celebration of reggae music, aimed at promoting peace, unity, and love among reggae fans in Kenya. This one-day event promises an unforgettable experience filled with pulsating rhythms, soulful melodies, and an uplifting atmosphere. An Exciting Feature of this Unique event is that Fans will be allowed to bring their own Beer. In case they run out then Mobile Bar’s within the event will be at hand to refresh their Glasses. Join us as we come together to honor the rich cultural heritage of reggae and spread the positive messages it embodies.


The One Rasta Festival presents an exciting opportunity for reggae fans to shape the show bill lineup. We believe in giving our attendees a voice and empowering them to create their dream team of entertainers. Through an interactive voting process, fans will have the chance to select their favorite Deejays and Mcees from different categories and participate in the elimination, second, and final rounds. Join us on this journey as we bring together the reggae community and celebrate the power of collective choice.

Voting Guidelines:

  1. Eligibility: Anyone who is a reggae fan and wishes to participate can take part in the voting process. No purchase or registration is required to cast a vote.
  2. Voting Rounds: The voting process consists of three rounds: elimination, second, and final. Each round will narrow down the choices based on fan preferences.
  3. Categories and Dream Team Formation: The voting categories will be announced and displayed on the Rastyle website. Each category will have a list of eligible entertainers based on the comments received on the Facebook post. Fans will be allowed to vote for at least six entertainers per category to form their dream team.
  4. Elimination Round: In the elimination round, fans will cast their votes for their preferred entertainers in each category. The votes will be tallied, and the top performers from each category will proceed to the next round.

  5. Second Round: The second round will feature the remaining artists who advanced from the elimination round. Fans will once again have the opportunity to vote for their favorites, narrowing down the selection even further.
  6. Final Round: The final round will feature the top contenders from the second round. Fans will cast their votes for the ultimate selection of entertainers they wish to see on the show bill lineup.
  7. Voting Frequency: Fans are allowed to vote once per day throughout the entire voting process. This ensures fair participation and allows fans to continuously support their preferred artists.
  8. Transparency and Results: The voting process will be transparent and closely monitored to maintain fairness. Regular updates on the leading artists in each category will be shared on the Rastyle website and social media platforms.
  9. Deadline: A 5 Days deadline will be set for each round of voting. Fans must submit their votes before the deadline to ensure their preferences are counted.
  10. Categories: There will be 5 Categories to Vote for. That will be Young Generation, Mcees, Wazoefu, Empress (Lady Dj and Mcees) and Radio Personalities.
  11. Fan Engagement: Throughout the voting process, we encourage fans to share their experiences, engage with other fans, and promote their favorite artists using the official event hashtag #OneRastaFest on social media platforms.

  12. Announcement of Show Bill Lineup: Once the final round of voting concludes, the show bill lineup will be determined based on the top artists chosen by the fans. The official show bill lineup will be announced on the Rastyle website and social media channels.

Get ready to cast your votes, rally for your favorite artists, and be part of shaping the ultimate reggae concert experience at the One Rasta Festival!

Vote Here Now – Round 1 – Elimination


This poll has ended (since 9 months).


Nesta Mras - Fafaa
1,103 Votes
Spapah Deh
1,055 Votes
Selekta Rambo
1,022 Votes
Selekta Reid
882 Votes
Dj Ronixx - Trenchtown
719 Votes
Anto Tuff
714 Votes
Selekta Mickey Jnr
710 Votes
zj splash
691 Votes
Deejay Krunchy
686 Votes
Garden Boy - Team Cute Boys
679 Votes
Dj Bigman
670 Votes
Dj Slim Dee
665 Votes
Dj Ivan - Mluyhia Wa Mungu
665 Votes
Mesh Mkaree
646 Votes
Dj lastech
583 Votes
selektar king rebel
507 Votes
Jinesto Palmer
504 Votes
Likkle Blinker
457 Votes
Dj Blanda
454 Votes
Dj Dinks
337 Votes